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Rauschpfeife sounds

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Play at maximum volume for that authentic rauschpfeife effect ...

Monks March

Click here (file size : 134Kb) to hear a short mp3 of my rauschpfeife.

Monks March in an Upminster stylee

Then you may wish to click here (file size : 720Kb) to hear what happened when my brother Mark brought his desktop studio to bear on the previous sample.

You can hear my rauschpfeife at any performance by the PowderKegs Border Morris (unless I'm not there that particular day of course).

There's a clip on YouTube of Powderkegs dancing Upton Stick in Kettlewell in September 2007, with me (out of shot, but [understandably] fairly prominent on the soundtrack) on the rauschpfeife:

This is an excerpt of the dance Three Jolly Sheepskins, filmed in Cambridge in May 2008:

In July 2008 the Powderkegs went to the Prague Folklore Days festival: this compilation video by a member of Whitethorn Morris captures some of the festival's atmosphere, along with the sound of my rauschpfeife (and some great Catalan shawms as well) in action at the Saturday night party:

July 2011 at the Foxes weekend at Tutbury Castle, in a marquee as the morning rain blows over, the Powderkegs perform Bob's Dance:

Rauschpfeifes can also be heard in the live or recorded works of many early music, folk, and rock bands, including: