The Lesession pages

Abc music notation tutorial, tune collections in abc, rauschpfeifes, and more ...

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The LeSession miscellanea

Some small online utilities, links, and other digital bric-a-brac ...

TIAO - Text In, Abc Out

Through a bizarre and frankly uninteresting chain of (il)logical leaps, a data-collection form I wrote for the Manchester Public Libraries in October 1999, turned into an abc utility to turn any piece of text into abc music notation ...

The Frequently Asked Questions file

the newsgroup, like most of Usenet, is now pretty much inactive - this FAQ is preserved as a reference resource. It's now getting a bit out of datein terms of performers and links, but it's still full of folk facts and frivolity.

The Coding Fifer

Very occasionally I update my blog The Coding Fifer, which is mainly about how I've solved a particular coding issue in .Net or scripting; if you've no idea what that means, you're probably not in the target audience. The 'Fifer' part of the Coding Fifer is also, sadly, very under-represented.