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Abc music notation tutorial, tune collections in abc, rauschpfeifes, and more ...

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Abc music notation tutorial

An introduction to, and comprehensive tutorial on, the abc music notation system.

Abc tune collections

Tune collections in abc format - 161 original compositions by L. E. McCullough, hundreds of tunes from the woodenflute mailing list tune archive, 1929 French music collection La Bourrée, Renaissance dance treatise Orchesography, European tunes from Le Grand Session de Manchester, and more

Rauschpfeife Pages

My sub-site dedicated to the rauschpfeife, that most wonderful (and loud) of Renaissance wind instruments


The archived FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for the Usenet newsgroup Loads of folk-music related facts, useful links, and frivolity. Not been updated for many years now, but preserved for posterity


Various other stuff that doesn't fit any of the above categories